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Financial Investigation and “Veil lifting”

Case file:

A large debtor of Bank Discount that had nothing registered under his name and was declared by the court as “debtor with limited means” and is in the process of file consolidation. We were asked to get information for a “veil lifting”.

It seems that the debtor has two butcher shops, lives in an expensive house and drives a new Mercedes Benz.

The surveillance and observation that we conducted proved beyond a shadow of a doubt his connection to the butcher shops, as he was seen driving to the shops in his Mercedes, working in the shops, servicing clients, purchasing inventory, etc. He was recorded by C.I.B – Civil Investigation Bureau investigators confirming that he is the owner of the butcher shops.

The expensive vehicle is registered to his daughter, and was brought imported privately from abroad.

The expensive house was purchased from his previous owners and we were able to acquire the irrevocable power of attorney given to him by the seller.

All the evidence that we provided, were used by the bank for a “veil lifting”. As a result, the “debtor with limited means” status was canceled and a large portion of the debt was returned

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