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Personal Injury

Case file:

A naval officer submitted a claim due to a fall he incurred aboard a vessel which caused him great injuries, forcing him to leave the sea..

The officer claimed, that due to the accident, he has become a “’broken man” and he went from being a happy person who was full of joy to a patient that is treated at psychologist and psychiatrists. In order to substantiate his claim, he regularly visited the external psychiatric clinic of the hospital, did not work and barely left the house. The observations that we conducted eventually reaped the rewards: the ex-officer was seen driving his car from Haifa to Tel Aviv late on a Thursday night (“party night”), arriving at a pub at the old port of Tel Aviv and meeting with a group of his friends who ran up a large tab. During the evening the officer was observed by C.I.B – Civil Investigation Bureau investigators dancing on tables, like the other patrons of the pub. It seems that his “joy” returned to him, as the district court judge said during his hearing.

A seaman fell overboard at the “Bermuda Triangle” and was rescued within minutes, safe and sound. Despite this, he submitted a personal injury claim reaching millions, claiming that due to the fall he has recurring nightmares and he has a medical diagnosis that he has 100% mental disability. During one of the times that we tracked him, he drove to Tel Aviv and arrived, leaning on his wife’s shoulders, wearing rags, to the home of a known psychiatrist. After an hour when his examination was over, he was seen leaving, again leaning on his wife’s shoulders, and they both crossed the street to a nearby garden. Here is where the metamorphosis began: he took out a plastic bag with clean cloths and a pair of shiny shoes, changed out of his rags behind a tree while his wife was on the lookout in case someone came near. When he was finished changing his cloths, they stopped a cab and drove to one of the restaurants on the boardwalk, where they have a king’s feast in the company of their adult children. It seemed as if they were “celebrating” their victory over the psychiatrist. The victory was short lived, until the day when our investigators who videotaped the “before” and “after”, testified in court and presented the video.

jehru, pryhu, juerho pryhho jehru, ngecho.

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