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Today more and more people choose to live together without making their relationship legal through marriage. Many think that a woman which lives with a man for a certain period as a couple is not entitled to any rights in the event of terminating the relationship. That is not the case.

People who live together and share the expenses of a household are considered by law as a “common-law spouses”. In this case one of the parties can ask for alimony payments in case of separation. Unlike marriage, where the marriage certificate is proof of the relationship and is legally binding, common-law couples need to prove that they really conducted such a relationship that falls under those criteria. This is a job for private investigators.

Common-law investigations

First of all, the legal definition of a common-law spouse is complex. It is not enough to prove the length of time that the couple was together as there are many other criteria that the court uses in order to determine whether there was an authentic relationship.

Therefore, before turning to a private investigator, it is recommended to consult a lawyer that specializes in family law that can clarify the exact criteria which are needed to prove a common-law relationship.

After approaching a private investigator the process of collecting the evidence regarding the relationship begins. This process is sensitive and complex. As you might already know, legal cases of this matter usually are conducted as a battle of war. If we were to continue to use this metaphor then the private investigator is the intelligence corps of one of the sides and as in war, the other side will do everything in their power to thwart the intelligence gathering of the opposing side.

Therefore it is very important to hire experienced private investigators in this field.

Intelligence gathering about common-law spouses

In regards to the above said, one should not approach a lawyer as the first move since there are a lot of common-law cases that present a different scenario. For example, a man that has a relationship with a woman that is solely based on sex and she tries to extort him under the pretense that they are common-law spouses.

An experienced and seasoned private investigator can resolve this issue rather fast by gathering the relevant information quickly and refuting the allegations of the extorting woman.

Common-law investigations present a challenge even for the most experienced investigators. You should always turn to a professional and experienced investigation office.

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