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Medical malpractice investigations

Case file:

A young woman got a breast augmentation surgery by a famous plastic surgeon. She sued the surgeon for failing to perform the operation properly and that the operation failed. As a result of the operation she is ashamed to leave the house, to come in contact with other people and her relationship with the opposite sex have been damaged to the point that she is ashamed to come in contact with men, due to her misshaped breasts. A C.I.B – Civil Investigation Bureau investigation revealed, that she does go out, although she avoids going to places in the vicinity of the clinic of the plastic surgeon, to avoid running into him, as she told our investigator. She was observed by us “throwing” herself at a young man, in a way that did not leave much room for imagination and even went out with our investigator to a café / restaurant full of people. Not much was left from her millions law suit, after the findings mentioned above were presented in court.

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