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    Cheap is Epensive

    A client should always check, before ordering an investigation:

    Does the private investigator that you approached have an office?

    (an “office” in the sense where you would have a regular place you can turn to and not some private investigator that all he has is a briefcase, a mobile telephone and a car, which holds his meetings in a coffee shop and his wife or girlfriend is his secretary).

    Will the private investigator of your choice be available to give a testimony at your request?

    Remember the old saying: “Cheap is expensive!”

    Our office has been around since 1964 and you can step in anytime, get a cup of coffee, sit with one of our experienced managers and get the best counseling and service that a private investigator and an Investigation Bureau can provide (The test of time is also a good indication: we would not have lasted for so long in this business if our service was not the best throughout all these years).

    Need the services of a professional and experienced private investigator?

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      Do not hesitate, let's remove the supplier - C.I.B. Office of Civil Investigations

      Leave details and we will get back to you soon

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