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Our office employs licensed private investigators (private investigator license from the Ministry of Justice).

Our investigators specialize in a variety of investigations as follows:

Locating investigations – Investigation to locate debtor’s residential addresses.

Workplace investigations – Investigation to locate the workplace of the debtor.

Vehicle investigations – Location of vehicles either registered in their names or in their use.

Bank investigations – Investigation to trace all bank accounts of the debtor.

Insurance company investigations – Investigation to locate the financial rights a debtor might have with different insurance companies.

Account investigations – Investigation to locate equity which has been accumulating in pension and provident funds.

Court and Execution office – Investigation to locate third parties who were sued by the debtor.

Property investigations – Investigation to locate lost property, fires, burglary, etc.

Personal injury investigations – Investigation due to personal injury claims.

Medical malpractice investigations -Investigation due to damages incurred by medical care.

Maritime investigations – Investigation to locate missing containers, or personal injuries of seamen aboard vessels.

Vehicle investigations – investigations of stolen vehicles and car accidents.

Personal investigations – investigation to help build a divorce case.

Investigation and surveillance – personal and business.

Wiretaps – Investigation to locate hidden listening devices on phones, fax machines and rooms at home, office, or factory.

Premarital investigations – background checks about bride/groom before weddings.

Potential renter investigations – background checks about potential renters before signing a lease.

Credibility investigations – background check about potential employee before hiring.

Polygraph investigations – Polygraph tests.

Business intelligence investigations – Investigation to acquire details about the competition

Embezzlement and theft investigations – Investigation to locate and prevent theft and embezzlement in the business and / or investigation to discover theft and embezzlement which have already occurred.

Security investigations – survey of security measures.

Undercover investigations – installation of hidden camera systems, wiretaps.

Telephone Harassment investigations – investigation to locate telephone harassers over the phone or mobile phone.

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