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Surveillance is a common tool used by private investigators. Surveillance is used as part of an investigation in order to acquire evidence to be submitted in court, etc. Surveillance can shed light on complex investigations and help in acquiring the necessary evidence. Following a john doe can sometimes lead to surprising finds which can lead to solving the problem.

Private investigators use surveillance in the following fields:

Surveillance can be used as a tool for our various customers in a wide range of fields.

Business intelligence investigations

Our office has trailed numerous employees that have “started” in a work place but has not shown up in the office for a long time. During our investigation we found out that some of these employees started working at different places, or they are spending their time with their family while declaring that they are sick / unable to come to work. A common case is checking the reliability of truck drivers that distribute merchandise or marketing people. We trail a truck driver who distributes merchandise at different drop off points to see that he is actually placing the merchandise at his designated drop off points or is he also “giving” merchandise to unknown clients.

Personal investigations

Placing individuals under surveillance is needed often in order to prove infidelity in cases that are between him and her. You would be surprised to learn that most of our customers are men, rather than women, who want to know if their partners are fateful to them or are they having an affair. Having said that, we also have women clients who want to know what their husbands are doing.

Occupational investigations

Are used to discover what is John Doe doing in order to find out with which people he is meeting and what is exactly his occupation. In these sorts of cases we are also required at times to follow the individuals that our John Doe is meeting in order to ascertain what is their occupation or business.

Personal injury investigations

Are conducted following a medical malpractice lawsuits. An investigation office is asked to trail the claimant in order to find out whether he has been injured as the lawsuit claims. During such surveillance, one needs to know to what disability the claimant is claiming in order to catch him on camera doing physical activity which will refute his claim.

Adolescent investigation

Usually is conducted for parents who are concerned about their children and wish to know with who their children are meeting, are they using drugs or drinking hard liquor. During these types of investigations we conduct several sessions where we trail the children to see if they are associating with criminal elements.

Proof of Ownership investigation

When conducting an investigation regarding a “repeat debtor”, at times there is a need to prove that he is using a vehicle on a regular basis “proof of ownership” – meaning that he is using a vehicle on a regular basis that is not registered under his own name. Recently our office has conducted an investigation regarding a man who has an outstanding debt of 1 Million Shekels to one of the largest banks in Israel. This man was seen driving around a new Mercedes Benz which was registered under his daughter’s name. During our investigation we proved that he was making regular use of the car and he in fact fictitiously registered the car under his daughter’s name (which was under the age of 18 at that time).

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