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    Recommendations for investigation


    Mr. Shimon Kirshner, Vice Manager of the Claims and Insurance Department

    Mr. Dov Eizenberg, Manger of the Claims and Insurance Department

    Mr Ezra Ben-Tov, VP of Zim in the United States (formally manager of the Claims and Insurance department)

    Note: we work with Zim in Israel and abroad

    Ofer Brothers:

    Mr. Arik Gilad

    Mr. Ilan Goldenberg, mobile: +972-52-2410033

    Disengof P&I:

    Mr. Shimon Ziv

    Corporate investigations:

    Phoenicia LTD:

    Mr. Zvi Zudatz, HR manager

    Neptune Rolan LTD:

    Mr. Moshe Pundak, CEO

    Mr. Miron Levo, Neptune manager

    Mr. Baruch Elad, company CPA

    Telephone: +972-4-8412656

    Naot LTD:

    Mr. Micha Eiluz, CEO. Mobile: +972-52-2264026

    Osem LTD:

    Mr. Hanan Dekel, Chief Security Officer. Telephone: +972-3-9265222

    Israel Electric Company:

    Ms. Meira Ron, Legal advisor.


    Mr. Itzhak Menas, Chief Security Officer

    Medical malpractice claims:

    Ms. Tali Helmish-Shani, Advocate, MCI CEO

    Telephone: +972-3-6380346

    Aaronsohn, Aboulafia and Co. Law Firm Tel Aviv:

    Ms. Sharon Bar-On, Advocate

    Telephone: +972-3-6250500

    Telephone: +972-3-5666886

    Dr. David Shaham, Advocate

    Ms. Adi Granot, Advocate

    Telephone: +972-3-7967222

    Talia Konfino-Sher Tel Aviv, Advocate

    Telephone: +972-3-6950606

    Carmeli Arnon & Co Law Firm:

    Mr. Arie Carmeli, Advocate (Jerusalem)

    Telephone: +972-2-6245245

    Naschitz Brandes & Co. Law firm:

    Ms. Tami Karet

    Ms. Karin Bar

    Ms. Michal Weingarten

    Ms. Ofra Saban, Advocate

    Ms. Tamar Karet, Advocate (Tel Aviv)

    Telephone: +972-3-6235000

    Mr. Ilan Erez, Advocate (Haifa)

    Telephone: +972-4-8644433

    Mr. Eran Jacobovitz, Advocate, (Ramat Gan)

    Telephone: +972-3-7511120

    Mr. Dror Viduchinski, Advocate, (Ramat Gan)

    Telephone: +972-3-7528181

    Personal Status Investigations:

    Mr. Zeev Haver, Advocate

    Ms. Michal Shaked, Advocate

    Mr. Alex Greenstein, Advocate

    Ms. Shoshana Broida, Advocate

    Mr. Abraham Golobnitz, Rabbinical litigator

    Mr. Israel Shlomay, Advocate

    Mr. Josef Ben Benjamin, Advocate

    Ms. Guy Offir, Advocate

    Labor law investigations:

    Telephone: +972-4-8140500

    Insurance Claims:

    Menora Insurance Company LTD:

    Ms. Perach Hava, maritime insurance department manager

    Protected Tenant investigations:

    Ms. Beck Shlomit, Advocate, Tel Aviv

    Bank investigations:

    First International Bank of Israel:

    Telephone: +972-3-5196526

    Bank Discount:

    Special credit department, Tel Aviv

    Legal department, Tel Aviv

    Collection department, regional management in Haifa

    Arab Israeli bank:

    Mr. Anis Talhami, HR manager

    Bank Igud:

    Special credit department at company headquarters in Tel Aviv

    Telephone: +972-3-5191248/9

    Advocates representing Banks:

    Mr. Ami Hausirer, Advocate, Haifa

    Telephone: +972-4-8513960

    Gootfried, Wassercug & Co. Law firm, Tiberias

    Telephone: +972-4-6724825

    Ms. Adina Weil, Advocate, Naharia

    Telephone: +972-4-9923864

    Mr. Moshe Amrami, Advocate, Kfar Saba

    Telephone: +972-9-7673238

    Mr. & Ms. Arie and Batia Avriel, Advocates, Haifa

    Telephone: +972-7-3715210

    Mr. Zvi Dresner, Advocate , Ramat Gan

    Telephone: +972-3-6131334

    Mr. Aviezer Hayun, Advocate, Haifa

    Telephone: +972-4-8660721

    Mr. Aiman Huri, Advocate, Haifa

    Telephone: +972-4-8668066

    Mr. Rut Givon, Advocate, Haifa

    Mr. Yael Yagil, Advocate, Haifa

    Mr. Maymoni Eitan, Advocate, Tel Aviv

    Coca Cola Company:

    Ms. Ruth Givon, Advocate, Tel Aviv

    Telephone: +972-3-6058618

    Both represent the Coca-Cola Company

    Gas Stations:

    Mr. Miki Avriel, Vice President of “Sonol Galilee”

    Mr. Ami Koren, Vice President, Yehezkel Koren & Sons LTD.

    Mr. Jacob Asnin, Vice President, Asnin Brothers LTD.

    Advocates representing large companies:

    Solomon, Lifshitz and Co. Law firm

    Mr. Yossi Gil-Or, Advocate

    S. Friedman and Co. Law firm

    Mr. Miki Safran, Advocate. Mobile: +972-52-6903668

    Clal Group

    Harel Insurance compay

    Mr. Michel Siboni, CEO

    Ayalon Insurance Company

    Mr. Emil Vainshel, CEO

    Dikla Insurance Company, CEO

    Mr. Avi Keler

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