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Copy right infringement investigations

We started specializing in this field many years ago while conducting investigations for movie producers federations, whose movies were copied and/or duplicated and/or screened illegally. We also investigated forged clothing brands and foot ware as well as fruit smuggling, which at the time only one agency was permitted to investigate such matters. In all of these investigations we faced criminal elements, some with a rich criminal record, who resorted to violence in order to thwart the investigation.

Polygraph tests

Often as private investigators we use a polygraph machine- “lie detector” to confirm the credibility of the person in question. The polygraph machine does not substitute an investigation, but rather acts as a supporting tool to check the credibility of the person in question.

In insurance investigations it is customary to get the consent of the claimants to get a polygraph examination. The insurance company asks the claimant to sign a release form which states that the results of the polygraph tests will be admissible in court, or will be used as the main piece of evidence which will be used to decide whether to pay the claim, or reject it.

the polygraph machine checks the involuntary physiological responses of a claimant as he answers several questions. The claimant is also asked a few questions that have nothing to do with the investigation in order to check the level of breathing, pulse, sweat, etc.

After that, the claimant is asked questions that are relevant to the investigation and the levels are compared to the questions that were asked before when he was telling the truth and to when he was lying. The authenticity of a polygraph machine is controversial and it is not admissible evidence in a court of law, unless the claimant gave his consent and only in a civil proceeding.

A polygraph test is also used to check the credibility of potential employees before being hired for a position with a new company.

At work places that are of a sensitive and confidential nature, employees get periodical polygraph test as required by their position and with their consent.

Credibility investigation

This type of investigation is done for sensitive positions. A small cost now will prevent a large one in the future.

This is especially true in the following cases:

Potential apartment renters

Our office specializes in this as well:

As we know, “bad” renters have become a plague in Israel. A bad renter can make your life unbearable, besides the monetary loss involved.

We interview potential renters and check their renting history, previous apartments that they rented, their social circle, work place, bank status, etc – all of this at a very attractive price!

Statutory residents

Often we are required to check if a statutory resident that has privileges to the property, at a very low monthly rent, does indeed live at the property. This type of investigation is focuses mainly on the transfer of rights to first degree and second degree offspring and we must check whether the son, daughter, grandson or granddaughter, have been in fact living at the property the minimal amount of time stated by the law, or that their address has been registered there previously. We are also required, in such investigation, to check if the “new” resident had in the past, or has in the present, any other property registered to him.

Case file: an elder daughter, divorced, claimed that she has moved in to help her geriatric father a year before he has passed away. In our investigation, we discovered that the daughter divorced since she “came out” of the closet and in fact is living with her partner, far away from her father’s residence. Furthermore, that her current place of residence which she shares with her partner is registered to her, when she in fact declared that she does not have any property registered under her name and that is why she had to return to live with her father under “key” money.

Business intelligence

Factory theft investigations – theft by employees or others

C.I.B Civil Investigation Bureau has served for many years the largest companies in Israel in this type of investigations: Phoenicia, Osem, Hanita, Neptune – Rolan, Naot, Angel group, Nilit and more.

Information regarding business competitors

– this field is more commonly known as “industrial espionage”. For obvious reasons we can not elaborate on this nor mention the clients that we worked for. Naturally, this field is meant for the business sector – companies and factories and rarely, private individuals: these are people who claim that the factory or company stole a patent that they have been working on for years, or deceived them while they were still employed there. They wish to collect hard evidence before suing their former employees in a court of law. As for companies – we can say what a great advantage it is for a company to know as much as they can about their competition in their specific area of business.

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