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Investigations for Insurance Companies

Insurance investigations are another type of investigation that many private investigators specialize in. The private investigators and investigation office serve the insurance companies in this field.

Here are some categories:

Property investigations

Which include lost of property, arson and fire investigations, investigations into burglaries to homes and businesses, auto theft investigations, 3rd party damages.

In property investigations the investigation office and /or the private investigator must conduct an open or covert investigation in order to prove the real damage incurred to the policy owner. In such an investigation the policy owner must be questioned as well as family members, friends, neighbors, witnesses, etc.

The private investigator must take a detailed testimony from the policy owner and put it in writing. In certain cases, the private investigator will asked the policy owner’s permission to conduct a polygraph test, in order to check the authenticity of the testimony.

Personal injury investigations

This type of investigation includes personal injury due to car accidents, on the job accidents, injury and / or death in different places.

In this type of investigation, the investigator conducts an initial inquiry with the claimant

Often, due to lack of cooperation by the injured, the investigation office must track the injured covertly in order to check if his claims and his physical disability, if any!

In this type of investigation, the investigator must be very creative and use a wide range of techniques in order to prove the truth.

Personal injury that is caused due a work place accident requires the careful examination of liability and negligence. Is there contributing negligence by the employer and were all safety precautions taken in the work environment of the injured employee.

In cases of large personal injury claims (reaching millions of shekels), prolonged investigations are required in order to check the medical condition of the claimant. In certain cases, the private investigator or the investigation office face psychological damages which are much harder to prove than physical ones.

In such investigations, where the injured “acts” as a “psycho” and brings documentations about head injury, the private investigator must use his ingenuity in order to prove the scam. The investigator needs to prove that the insurance company is dealing with a person who is trying to commit insurance fraud and with an efficient and well planned investigation, the fraud can be revealed.

Our investigation office has dealt with numerous cases of “imposters” who claimed to have head injuries and after prolonged undercover surveillance and a wide array of investigation techniques, we were able to discredit their claims.

We work mostly with:

M.C.I – Medical Consultant International

Maritime companies

Generally speaking, these people “played the game” in their immediate surroundings, but as soon as they ventured far from their home and travelled far from their usual surroundings, they acted quite normal. None of them thought that our investigators are on their tail (whether at a hotel, party, etc).

Maritime investigations

We specialize in missing containers or “missing” goods that disappeared from containers. We deal with this extensively in Israel and abroad. We have worked with: Lloyds, Zim, Israeli Port Authority and “Menora” insurance company LTD.

We also located cargo that has been shipped by air and disappeared. In these cases we mostly worked with insurance companies from abroad, mainly England.

Vehicle investigations

– we have investigated self inflicted damages, accidents involving 3rd parties, car theft, etc. In such cases the investigation office and / or the private investigator need to check the authenticity of the accident, did it actually happen and what is the extent of the damage. The investigator must check if it was a staged and / or fabricated accident and if it is a case of insurance fraud.

What is common to these claims is their extent: more than once these are claims for millions of shekels and even tens of millions.

In such investigations, we employ private investigators that work undercover as well as track the claimant and observe them, in order to find out in their claim is legit or falsified. Our investigation report, in any case, will reflect the situation as it is.

The tracking and surveillance are done by experienced private investigators, some with military background, graduates of tracking courses of different military units

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