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    Employee credibility investigations

    We were approached by a CEO of a company after he hired a new CFO which presented him with numerous recommendation letters from previous employment.

    In the first few months the new CFO proved to be very professional but the company’s income decreased by a few percent which amounted to a few hundred thousand shekels, while according to the books, the income was supposed to increase.

    The CEO got suspicious after he called that said CFO for a clarification meeting in which the CFO told him “stories” and presented the numbers. Although the numbers looked to be correct, the CEO was left with a bad feeling.

    The CEO asked us to discreetly check about the CFO.

    We took all his recommendation letters and crossed checked them with his employment record and we discovered that there is a two year gap – a “black hole” in his employment record.

    Undercover investigation

    In an undercover investigation we discovered that the CFO worked for a large company that was not mentioned in his resume.

    During our investigation we discovered that in that large company there was also a loss of earning while that said CFO was working there.

    An accounting firm specializing in these kinds of cases examined this case and discovered that the lost funds were transferred abroad.

    That CFO while working for that big firm was called for a meeting in which he confessed to transferring funds to a company abroad to cover debts incurred by his brother. In return for a full confession, which enabled full reimbursement from the insurance company, the man was fired without submitting an official complaint to the police.

    The result of our investigation was presented to the CEO, which in turn presented it to the CFO, who immediately admitted his wrong doing.

    This time an official complaint was submitted to the police so other employers will not go thorough the same ordeal.

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