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    Impressions from the Bavarian convention for private investigators

    The CEO of our office,Mr. Meir Naveh, is an honorary member of the Bavarian Private Investigators Association in Germany, B.B.D.

    A while ago, I attended the annual convention of the association in Germany. The convention took place in a small town not far from the Czechoslovakian border, high in the mountains.

    About 30 private investigators attended the convention from all around Bavaria, along with their spouses.

    The convention dealt with the problems private investigators encounter in their line of work, in Germany as well as Israel (the German law is stricter for private investigators and does not permit recording at all and photography only in public, and that with limitations as well).

    When we asked how insurance companies protect themselves from false claims, we were told that German courts usually have a negative attitude towards the claimants: they are seen as potential swindlers. There is no need to bring them before the court and most trials are concluded on the first hearing with only the legal representatives present, without any testimony, only based on the written material. The judge gives his ruling and it is very hard to appeal.

    The material acquired by the investigation office or private investigators is used by the client, once again without testifying.

    That is all about the professional aspects.

    Since private investigators are human being after all (mostly.), we all attended a gala dinner and met for the first time a waitress with a phenomenal memory. The waitress went from one person to the other, took their order (first course, main course, desert and drinks), did not write anything down and headed for the kitchen.

    As was mentioned before, there were about 60 people present.

    Amazingly each person got exactly what he ordered!

    The convention was a wonderful opportunity to meet private investigators from other countries and other cultures (as well as practice the German language. Most Bavarian private investigators, apparently, did not speak English).

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